A Gathering of 1,400 Navigators

This week over 1,400 Navigator staff from all over the world will gather in Orlando, Florida for the 2019 National Staff Gathering (NSG). Held once every four years, the theme of this gathering is focused around abiding deeper in Jesus, igniting movements of the gospel, and supporting multiplying disciplemakers—the three initiatives in the organization’s new strategic plan that was released to staff earlier this year.

This marks the fourth time I’ve had the opportunity to attend this event, but this is easily the most involved I’ve been in putting it together. The communications department plays a huge role in planning and executing different facets of the NSG. For the past year I have served as the event’s co-director of communications, coordinating marketing campaigns and announcements that go out to our staff prior to the event as well as strategizing what it will look like to communicate effectively to attendees once the NSG begins.

While I’m at the NSG, which runs November 7-10, my main area of responsibility will be running the official app for the event. When logged in, attendees will be able to create a custom schedule with the learning opportunities that interest them, message other attendees, and opt to receive custom push notifications. I’m in charge of sending those notifications throughout the event in addition to updating the content in the app as necessary. This is the primary way we will be communicating to attendees throughout the event, making it a critical piece of our strategy.

I plan to post frequently to my ministry Facebook group throughout the event. If you’re not a member yet and want an insider look of the National Staff Gathering please consider joining. You can also follow the official NSG social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Prayer Requests for the National Staff Gathering

  • Pray for strength and stamina for myself and my fellow members of the communications department. These will likely be long days for all of us.
  • Pray that all the communications equipment and technical aspects of the event would work as intended.
  • Pray for all our staff attending the National Staff Gathering, that their commitment to the fulfillment of our calling as Navigators would be invigorated.