April Fools Day on Campus Navs

To succeed in content marketing and social media there are two primary routes to take: share information or provide entertainment. Largely what we create and share on the Campus Navs web presence is going to fall under the “information” category, but April Fools Day is a great opportunity to provide a little entertainment to our following. To that end, I wrote a blog post announcing that The Navigators had added a fifth spoke to their Wheel Illustration. What was the new spoke? Why, Ultimate Frisbee of course!

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

The decision whether or not to make a change to the classic diagram was not taken lightly, having proven to be an effective discipleship tool for illuminating the keys of the Christian life. The addition of the Ultimate Frisbee spoke underscores Paul’s assertion that physical training is of some value (1 Timothy 4:8). Furthermore, Nav leadership felt that the similarities between a round wheel and a round frisbee were not to be ignored.

I also designed a new wheel image to accompany the post.

The Wheel illustration with a fifth spoke

Check out the full post on the Campus Navs blog.