Equipping Our New Navigator Staff

Equipping Our New Staff

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to teach roughly 100 new Navigator staff joining our EDGE Corps program on the subject of communication best practices. I shared on topics such as the importance of representing The Navigators well in the choices they make on social media and how to properly use Navigator intellectual property like our various logos. I also talked with them about where they can find tutorials to help them effectively and appropriately communicate with their students online.

For many of these staff, working as a campus minister with The Navigators is their first job out of college. They’re confronted for the first time with the necessity to consider the ramifications of their actions as it pertains to their professional reputation and ministry effectiveness. One of the goals I had for my session was to anticipate the potential pitfalls and challenges they may face, then guide them in how to respond well.

In addition to teaching these sessions I was also able to meet with several staff one-on-one to discuss their individual communication strategy with their ministry supporters. I really enjoy building relationships with our staff serving in the field and helping them fulfill their specific ministry needs.