Go Week 2011: A Mission Trip to Campus

Classes at Florida State start on August 29, but the campus will be abuzz with activity during the days preceding. This has always been a time when campus ministries at FSU like The Navigators make a big push to connect with incoming freshmen, to help them move in, serve them lots of free food, give them the lowdown on Tallahassee, and provide an overall warm welcome.

This year is no exception. For the second straight year, campus ministries are teaming up in order to make the biggest impact. Between August 24-26 a total of eight ministries are participating in Go Week. The FAQ on its website explains:

Go Week is a “mission trip to campus.” It is a time of serving campus through a variety of ways and connecting with literally hundreds of new students. It is a time of coming together with a dozen other campus ministries to make much of the name of Christ all across campus.

Go Week is a tremendous endeavor. I remember being a student at FSU during the week everyone was moving in and meeting new students. We used to joke that we in the Navs had to get to students before this ministry or that ministry did. I stress that this was said in jest, but I always thought it was strange that ministries were “competing” with one another rather than making a joint effort. I am so glad to see so many of the different groups at FSU that claim Jesus as Lord are willing to work together for the greatest good.

Events during Go Week will include games of ultimate frisbee each day on Landis Green between 2pm-4pm, free pancakes at the CCF house starting at 11pm on the 24th and 25th, and a big luau on the Union Green on the 26th at 8pm. The luau was a huge success last year and I imagine that this year the event will be even bigger considering it’s in a much better location than last year.

I ask you to pray for my interactions with new students (and not just my interactions, but those of all the campus ministers and returning students getting involved), for those behind the scenes seeing to it that these events take place, and for the new students themselves to be receptive to our hospitality and, Lord willing, the hope we have within us.

Last spring the Navs had a student in the ministry give a testimony about her experiences at Go Week 2010. I encourage you to listen to it.

There are lots of Twitter users participating in Go Week. Keep your eye on the #goweek hashtag. You should expect to see prayer requests, praise reports, photos, and other good content from students and campus ministers.