The Harvest Film Series is Back in Production

In early 2013 the first episode of the Harvest film series was shot and released. It was designed to be a first-of-its-kind discipleship resource aimed at the current generation of college students who are strongly influenced by visual media. In addition to being available on social networking websites the film has been shown at Navigator weekly meetings on several campuses, in small group Bible studies, and even at summer training programs with over 100 students. Now, thanks to several generous donors, I’m excited to announce that filming for new episodes of Harvest resumed yesterday!

Dave Wirgau, the teacher from episode one, will be returning for these new episodes. All the teaching for episodes two through five will be shot on Wednesday in one sitting. The “B story” for each episode will be shot later on as the necessary funding becomes available. While the first episode focused on casting the vision for discipleship these new episodes will center around how to be a disciple-maker.

Behind the Scenes

Below is a photo from on set as my filmmaking team shot Dave yesterday. I wish I could have been there for the big day.


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