I’m Joining the FSU Navigators Staff Team!

I’ve decided to make a change in my life. Starting in August I will be joining the FSU Navigators staff team as a part-time staff member! This has not been an easy decision to make and I’d like to take you through the journey.

Since late last August I have been what they call the Data Entry Specialist for the SHINE program at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. This job has been such a huge blessing. I needed a job badly and for God to give me this one was more than I could have asked for. I like the people I work with, especially my boss. Lately, however, I’ve felt like I would like to find something new. I have a passion for college ministry and have felt led by the Lord to take this leap of faith.

“But why part-time ministry? Didn’t you turn down a full-time ministry job with The Navigators just last year?” Yes, that’s true. I was offered a position to join EDGE Corps last spring but did not feel led to accept it. The truth is I had a lot of growing up to do. Last year I wanted to go into ministry for the wrong reasons. It was all about me. But this year I started to better understand John 12:24, that I really do have to die to self in the course of ministry. I think now I’m ready to take on that responsibility.

I will continue to work for the DOEA in a part time capacity. My boss there doesn’t want to lose me. That’s extremely flattering and I’m very grateful.

One of the great things about joining the staff team is where I’ll be living next year. I’ll be with Kyle and Luke, living next door to Alyssa, Helen and Nicki. I’m really stoked. I’ve never lived in a real Nav house before. All of us will be on staff next year (I’m actually the only one not on the EDGE team), which I think is beyond perfect.

This summer I’m going to Colorado for fundraising training at the end of May for a week. When I get back I’m going to continue to work full time through July, though my hours will change a little so I can leave work each day at 4 PM and prepare to make fundraising phone calls and appointments. In August I’ll be dropping back to part-time at DOEA.

I’d really appreciate your prayers! I’ll be sending out my support letters soon that will go over my financial need to take this role. I would love to answer any questions you have about what I’m doing, so please feel free to send me a message.