Florida Navs

Today is the big day. After several months of preparation, I am launching! Florida Navs is an online resource aiming to equip, encourage, and cast vision for disciple-makers. My fellow Navigator staff throughout Florida and I hope to foster a platform for education, communication, and discussion on the subject of discipleship through the writings and media published there.

Florida Navs affirms the calling of The Navigators and seeks to move it forward through college students and recent college graduates. The vision statement speaks of our hope for these men and women.

To foster the growth and perseverance of Christ’s disciples and disciple-makers, equipping them to be lifelong laborers in the advancement of His Gospel and Kingdom.

I published an introductory post on the Florida Navs blog today. If you’re interested in learning more about this website, click here to read “Growth & Perseverance: The Vision of”