Please Pray for the National Leadership Community Gathering

Starting today roughly 230 Navigators will be gathering at Glen Eyrie to participate in the National Leadership Community Gathering (NLCG). I am fortunate enough to be one of them. For the next four days we will be seeking the Lord together on the subject of spiritual generations of laborers.

The word “laborers” is a key part of The Navigators calling: To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost. It’s a word used in passages of Scripture like Matthew 9:35-38, in which Jesus states that there are too few laborers for the harvest. The Navigators believes one of its biggest contributions to the world is to raise up generation after generation of laborers through Life-to-Life discipleship.

At the NLCG, we will be asking the Lord and each other what He would have The U.S. Navigators do to focus on and be fruitful in:

  1. Continuing to raise up new laborers in all our diverse contexts.
  2. Working together across our Missions, Cities, Networks, businesses, and headquarters functions to develop, resource, and connect laborers sent out by Navigators in the past.

Specific Prayer Needs

Will you please set aside some time to lift up the following requests for us?

  • Pray each participant will listen closely to the Lord and to other participants during the NLCG.
  • Pray God will be honored and glorified by our interactions, our humility, and our faith.
  • Pray we will end the NLCG with:
    • An increased understanding of the realities and challenges of sharpening our focus on laborers.
    • Several good ideas about how to reach and stay engaged with lifelong laborers.
    • A better understanding of the preparation required (technology, training, systems, people, and so forth) to raise up new laborers for the future and to connect, develop, and resource laborers already sent out.

Thank you for taking the time to intercede on our behalf!