The New Website is Live!

Ever since joining the communications department back in November I have been part of a team of people helping to create the new website. I’m happy to announce that this new website is now live! Click here to see it!

The New Website is Live!

There are a few features and improvements over the previous design that I’m particularly excited about.

  • When you first arrive on the homepage, links to our best discipleship resources are the first things you see.
  • The website looks and works beautifully on mobile devices.
  • For the first time ever has a blog!

Regarding the blog, I will be serving as its managing editor. We will be publishing two kinds of blog posts: stories of what is happening in our ministry and tools that resource those who are making disciples.

If you have a moment, visit the new website. I would love to hear what you think! (You can also click here to see my new staff profile page.)