Spiritual Generations — Josh Bazyler

I present to you the fourth episode of Generations, a video series of short documentaries on college students impacted by discipleship. Each of these videos has been created by Bryan Zhang.

I began discipling Josh last fall. A few months earlier he’d asked me to invest in his life, asking if we could focus in on growing in Christ-like character. So many students want to learn skills and facts. The fact that he wanted something far less measurable but of such great importance made the decision to disciple him an easy one. It’s been a really fun experience, one which I think we’ve each grown from.

This is the second time a student I discipled has been featured in one of these videos. It’s very humbling to hear their kind and generous words about my influence on their lives. And it’s a reminder that it’s all worth it. It’s a considerable sacrifice of time and energy, plus you never really know if what you’re doing is really hitting the mark. It’s always a matter of trust I guess: believing the promise in Isaiah to be true, that the words God has spoken through the Bible will not return empty once they’ve gone out. Still, it’s amazing to think that God would do any of this through me.