Spiritual Generations — Josh Pratt

At the risk of being completely self-aggrandizing I’d like to share this video with you. As you probably know The Navigators are big on one-to-one discipleship, establishing spiritual generations through one person passing their life on to another. A friend of mine is creating a video series focusing on that vision and how it’s being played out.

The very talented Bryan Zhang (creator of the Lionel Worthington videos I regularly shared on my old personal blog) has begun producing a video series highlighting students in the FSU Navigators who have been impacted by the ministry’s staff. He hopes these videos will help give the staff something they can share with their supporters, something that a newsletter or email update can’t quite capture. Bryan would like to find Nav staff at other college campuses who would commission him to create similar videos for them with their students.

The first video Bryan posted online is one of Josh Pratt talking about my impact on his life last year. Josh is now on staff with the Navs here at FSU. I think Bryan did an excellent job putting the video together and Josh’s words are extremely flattering. I can’t wait to see the other videos he produces for the rest of our team!