Your virtual coach for a winning brand strategy

Every brand has its sweet spot, the point where what is true, relevant, and unique about its identity comes together in a beautiful union. As a professional brand strategist and brand manager, helping people find that sweet spot is what I do.

Andrew Ledwith | Your Virtual Coach for a Winning Brand Strategy

Hi, I’m Andrew Ledwith

I believe every brand can tell a compelling story, foster a thriving community, and make a profound impact. I’m on a mission to equip anyone responsible for a brand’s success with the insights, training, and tools they’ll need to achieve their goals.

The Navigators

Managing The Navigators Brand

I spearhead efforts to design, develop, and guide the U.S. Navigators brand. My aim is for their brand to always be clear, compelling, concise, and consistent, no matter how it is being expressed.

There’s a lot more coming soon…

In 2024, I plan to significantly change the focus of this website. I will focus on content that coaches others in developing brand strategies and on how to manage brands more effectively. There’s a lot of preparation and planning left to do, but here’s a sample of what you’ll see.

Brand strategy insights

Just getting started with your brand? Needing help in separating yourself from competitors? I’ll be creating content to help with that.

Downloadable resources

I’ll have some handy takeaway resources for you to use for your own brand development needs.

Brand management best practices

Learn from my years of experience managing the brand of a mid-sized non-profit, including a major rebrand.

Members-only perks

I’ll offer membership opportunities to unlock additional content and community interactions.