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About Andrew Ledwith

Hello, my name is Andrew Ledwith. Welcome to my home on the Internet. I am a professional brand strategist and brand manager, having been in that line of work for nearly my entire career. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I serve as the director of communications for The Navigators.

Here on my website, I offer my in-depth knowledge and experience to help you discover your brand’s sweet spot—the point where what is true, relevant, and unique about your brand all comes together—and help you take that brand to the next level.

As an experienced professional in the branding, marketing, and communications space, I help others ensure that their unique message reaches their intended audience through the development of a clear vision, comprehensive strategies, and targeted campaigns. My background in branding, communication strategy, digital marketing, writing, and website creation brings a powerful combination of skills needed to succeed in today’s noisy world.

Come say hello to me on LinkedIn. Or, if you’d prefer, send me an email.

All posts and pages on this website constitute my own personal opinions. They are neither read nor approved by The Navigators or anyone else before posting and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of that organization. More information about copyright and acceptable uses of my work by others can be reviewed on my permissions policy.

Some links on my website are affiliate links, meaning I receive some form of compensation from an individual or vendor if you make a purchase or sign up for an account after visiting that website via a special link. Posts and pages containing affiliate links will include a disclosure statement.